Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Have you been worried?

Life is (obviously) completely different since getting the twins. I don't have any spare time and when I do...well, I'm pooped. Sorry if you worried. I know you must be wondering how we are doing and what the adjustments have been like. I'll share a little now since I had a nap today! :)
 These pics were taken right before we left the states to come back over hee. See that little dimple? IT amazes me how quickly these girls bonded with us...ALL of us.
 We enjoyed our time in the states, but were ready to get back to the work at hand. We tried to soak up as much of our family and friends as we could. These kids grow so fast. This Princess just turned 11. She really is an AWESOME big sister.
 This Princess is a punkin! Mercy. She charms EVERYONE...and I mean everyone. Her daddy has a constant back ache from being wrapped around her finger! LOL. Not true. He ia a great father, though. They are calling his name. At first it was just DA-Uh. Now it is Daddy! When he walks in the room...THEY light up as much as HE does. Precious. She says "HI" to everyone she sees.
 This punkin is a charmer as well, but she is slow to warm up. She is a momma's girl. She is talking. She tells everyone BYEBYE! So we have book ends with a hi and a bye.
 Does this need any words, really? Great grandmother and great-grandchild. Not many have that blessing.
 Love me some brown eyes!
 She was trying to call his name, when all she had to do was raise her arms and smile!
 Farewell kisses.

Always a momma's boy. Nothing wrong with that.

I talked to my mom today. She was wondering how we are doing. What the adjustment has been like for us, etc. The babies have been wonderful. It's truly amazing to think that we never planned to live in a foreign culture much less adopt other-culture kids. But God knew the plans He had/has for us. I'm glad we chose to obey.

As a matter of fact, my mother, who couldn't talk to me without tears for the first two weeks after we told her we were moving over here, told me today, "Look at the richness of our lives, ALL of our lives, because you chose to obey." Wow, mom. Thanks for that.

We know it's a journey we don't walk alone and therein lies the sweetness-that you all choose to keep walking with us, even when it hurts.

We are glad to be back. SO MUCH happened in our absence. We are busily catching up with friends and jumping back into the lives that are going on around us. Many of our young friends are planning marriages. We have changed alot as well. 

The twins have been well received amongst these yellow people. The littlest yellows don't know how to respond at first and then...their childlikeness takes over and all at once, there is no color between them, just laughter and playing. I love how God works. It's really a beautiful thing to see someone BECOME color blind.

More to come as naps persist...

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Sheila Hughes said...

Love the pics!!! Hope you had a special birthday.....gotta check on G'Mudda and PaPaw....haven't spoken with them lately....take care and may God's richest blessings be upon you!!!