Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A proper send off!

When we were preparing to return we quickly discovered we would need a large vehicle to take us and all of our stuff to the airport. Our home church let us use their van and our dear friends volunteered to drive us. The Princess'BFF got to miss some school to go with us

 Traditional funny face pictures!

 My mom and dad were there too! My mom did a great job of holding it together. My dad...not so much. So, eventually mom and I lost it, too. Come on, who can handle their dad crying?

 And then, we were surprised by MOORE dear friends! It was a special sendoff. That they would take the time to come.

We've watched these boys grow and grow and grow! I can only imagine how tall they'll be when we come back!

Sweet times.

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Cheryl M said...

You all mean so much to the MOORE family! You are in our prayers as well. God is doing great things through your family! Love the pictures & will enjoy the updates to see & hear about the girls, D & C too!