Thursday, February 07, 2013

Home sweet home!

I really should have taken pictures, but was TOO jetlagged to think about it at the time. We came home with 12 large rolling duffle bags, a trunk, another large suitcase and two large boxes! Not to mention our carry-ons for five...with really only three who could carry. CRAZY is an understatement.

Weather delays put us on standby and forced an overnight in a NON childproofed room with no baby beds in LA. THAT was interesting, but we survived it with a few laughs along the way. Our trip back was one "hurry up and WAIT" after another. We had issue after issue that we watched God work out in his time. We finally made it back home on Feb. 1st...late. We had a crew of people waiting to welcome us and that was super special.

The babies did really well with the travel. By the time we got home, though, they were overtired and a little cranky. Our sweet friends prepared meals for us and stocked our kitchen with fruit, crackers, and Coke ZERO so we wouldn't need to make a run to the market right away! Have I mentioned how blessed we are to live near these other expatriates who pour into our lives! The kids were all super excited to see our Princesses...all of them! We were super excited to see them all as well.

Our cat missed us. LOL. Those of you who have pets will understand. He rubbed on me as if to say, "THERE YOU ARE!" and then snubbed me for 24 hours. Now he's back to curling up in my lap and has even ventured into the middle of the twins a couple of times.

We are struggling through jet lag and unpacking. The twins are doing fairly well. They have had a little adjustment, but seem to take things in stride mostly.

My oldest princess couldn't wait to get back and is struggling through jet lag and a little culture shock as well. Her friends went on without her and it is strange to step back into relationships when you have missed a chunk of time. She seems to be adjusting well, though.

Our Prince comes home tomorrow for 10 days. We are excited about that. Those babies will eat him up! We all will. By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it, he graduates the first of June and is off to college in the Fall. Can you believe it? I think I'll have to stop calling him my man-child and just go with man. But...I'm not there yet!

It's a major holiday here and things are about to shut down for a few days so we have been working hard to get settled and stocked for the time. I'm glad we brought the high chairs and such with us. I can only imagine living in this non-child-proofed house without them. Princess T can climb out of the containment. Twice today I've looked up to see her standing on top of it! YIKES! Yet, I don't have another solution at the moment. Please pray for her safety! She's so curious and with that pacifier in her quiet. It's when it's quiet that I find her into stuff!!!! (Remind you of anyone, Mom?)

Well, I've been away from the littles long enough...they are letting me know by that fake cry!

I'll be back soon!

Thanks for your support and prayers! Keep 'em coming!

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Adam L. said...

Glad you all made it home finally!