Saturday, October 20, 2012

Princess B

She is the social butterfly. The talker. The first one people speak to.
She holds onto the hair of whoever is holding her. She doesn't pull, just anchors herself.
She refuses any pacifier because hers is built in. The first two fingers of her left hand. I have no idea if she's left handed or not because she won't let them out of her mouth except for a smile.
She's a generally happy baby. She has been the smaller one. Twin B. She is developmentally a slight bit behind her sister in some things and ahead in others. She waves at whoever gives her a smile.
She has big brown eyes that melt your heart. We'll be in trouble when she realizes how to use them against us.
She doesn't crawl yet, but she wants to. I think she was held alot in the orphanage. She reaches for whoever walks by her and is not happy if you don't pick her up. She is getting stronger and bounces on her tummy, kicking her feet. She can get on her hands and knees, but then doesn't know what to do.So she rolls over and over and over, getting where she wants to go. :)
She sleeps well. She is beginning to exert herself. Twin A sometimes bullies her when it comes to toys and things. Twin A is mobile. She crawls right over her sister to take what she wants. Twin B is a little more docile, but that is beginning to change.
She is loud. LOL. Imagine that. She has discovered her voice and uses it! She LOVES her big brother! He is her toy and he dare not pass her by without acknowledging her or she will holler to get his attention. I told him that these brown eyed babies would steal his heart!
She is content being held, most of the time. She can sit in the floor in front of me, but reaches her hand back to touch my leg...just being sure of me, I think.
She has been the sick one. Ear infections, Bronchitis, RSV. Antibiotics, Steroids, breathing treatments, etc.
She loves her brown baby. She just holds her hand and sometimes sucks HER two fingers.
She likes to eat! She has been the smaller twin and been working to catch up. She is mostly there. They are less than a pound a part. She likes everyone and I was afraid she wasn't attaching to us as well as her sister, but my parents were here last weekend and although she likes them...she wanted us.

She laughs, talks, plays and smiles like she hasn't a care in the world, and really she doesn't. She is joy incarnate.


Carrie said...

Love these descriptions of the girls! Everyone is anxious to meet them on this side of the pond. Love you guys! Brad is on his way to your side of the world as we speak.

Sheila Hughes said...

Look at that baby with her brown-eyed auntie!!! They have something in common....big, beautiful brown eyes!!!