Thursday, October 18, 2012

Princess T

She has been the solemn one. The quiet one. The shy smile.
She has also been ready for us. She was trying to crawl when we got her. All I did was put her knees up under her and she figured it out. She watches me and copies me.
She has been like a plant in dire need of water. I know she was loved and cared for in the orphanage, because I saw with my own eyes how much the nannies love those kids. But, I think she was somewhat neglected as the twin who didn't "need" as much.
We don't know which twin is older, but she gets my vote. She is more independent. Twin A.
  She also attached to me very quickly. She says, "mamamamamama." She knows my face and voice. She lights up when I walk in the room and starts crawling to me as fast as she can.
 She is eager to learn. She wants to go, go go! She is trying to walk and run before she can even stand and balance her little bottom. :)
She is curious...she will stick everything in her mouth to determine what it is good for. Even her own toes. If she likes it, she keeps a death grip. If not, she chunks it. :)
 She is animated. She copiese my faces and makes a few of her own. She has the eyebrow thing down. Just today, I was trying to get her to drink Pedialyte (they've been sick) out of a sippy cup because her sister will. She will have NONE of it. She chunks it every time, so I tried to trick her and put it in her bottle. She SAW the difference right away and almost wouldn't even drink any. Then, she took ONE drink and raised ONE eyebrow in question. Nope. Chunked it. LOL. However, when she's that's the time I can pull one over on her. She wants a bottle to go to sleep and she didn't even care that it was Pedialyte.
 I got this babypack for my husband to carry one of the twins in. I didn't get one for me because I couldn't see me wearing it. I was wrong. It distributes the weight and I love it! She has fallen alseep in it a time or two...snoring in my ear. Precious.

 She fights going to sleep. She wants to see the world and be a part of it all. I have to cover the sides of the Pack 'N Play with blankets when it's time to sleep so she can't see everything else going on. She puts her head in the corner and pushes out trying to see around the blanket. Hilarious. Then she falls asleep sitting up and drops her head between her feet more times than not.

 Her fine motor skills are good. She can feed herself and she can do it fast. She has four teeth and crunches anything she can put in her mouth. I've been feeding her table food from the beginning. She likes her some Mashed potatoes and..whatever we are eating. When she sees us eating she starts making a noise that obviously means she wants some. I'm trying to teach them some basic sign language while we are in this interim period of language acquisition. In the moment, she'll have none of it. But we'll see. She copies so much, surely she will pick it up.
 She loves her family. She likes to play and LIGHTS UP when Dad or Big Brother come into the room. As a matter of fact, the Prince told me the other day that these baby sisters are THE BEST TOY HE'S EVER HAD. LOL. Gotta love it. He plays with them and they smile and reach for him when he comes in. If the dares to walk by without speaking...let's just isn't pretty.
 She's a mover and a shaker. Busy all the time. She's the reason people invented baby gates. She is in constant motion, except when she's not and is face down...LOL It is like trying to put a diaper on an octopus! She laughs and rolls and crawls away quicker than I can do anything. She's going to be my STREAKER. She likes being naked best, but what baby doesn't, really? Actually, it's like roping cattle. You gotta be prepared, calculated and quick!
She is completely attached to this yellow pacifier that we bought while we were still in Asia and took to her in May. It isn't what the specialists would recommend for growth and development, but it is what she likes. I've tried others...she spits them out or just plays with them as teethers. She grins around it. I steal it from her with my teeth, getting the back of it and she comes right back for it. It's a game we play and it gives me the most delicious sounding belly laugh from her.
 She is the observer when larger groups are around. She gets a little overwhelmed. Or if she's hungry. If she's not, she'll play.
 Little sister= toy. Big Brother = fun!
 She's going to be leaned on in years to come. She is headstrong enough to handle it well, I think.

Yep, she just needed some TLC. Watching her blossom is going to be my joy for the rest of my life.


pkw said...

Loved reading this. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I read your blog regularly. :)

G-Momma said...

Look out, Tex! You have no idea what is coming your way!

Bobi Ann Allen said...

I love reading about those sweet girls! I can't wait to meet them and love on them and I can't wait to love on you other 4 as well. Love you!