Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A lesson learned...again.

When we met my parents in January for a vacation, my Dad gave me a special gift. He said that he wanted me to know every time I wore it how much he loved me and how proud of me he is and that I'll always be his little girl. He picked it out just for me.A beautiful necklace with my birthstone and a rose gold chain. I love it. I've hardly taken in off since he gave it to me.

So, recently a friend of mine and I bought matching charms to wear on a chain in order to remember to pray for each other. I took off the necklace my dad gave me and put it in a safe place. I didn't put it with the rest of my jewelry-not wanting it to get tangled up. I thought about where to put it and then carefully placed it there.

I wore my friends' charm the whole time I was with her and then for another week afterward. While getting dressed one day, I reached for the necklace my Dad gave me and panicked! Where was it? What did I do with it? Did I leave it somewhere? No, I wouldn't. I'm careful with my jewelry since having it all stolen a few years back. I stopped and backtracked, but could not remember where I put it.

For another week, I thought and looked. I turned everything inside out looking in every nook and cranny. On Monday, it finally hit me. I have lost this treasure...compounded with the fact that my boy is leaving soon...I had a yucky day. As a last resort, (WHEN will I learn?!) I took it to the Lord in prayer.

I had so much on mind that I had a difficult time falling asleep. It was after 3AM when I was finally falling asleep and I had been talking to God, just as I'm relaxing and about to go...I smile. I had asked God to give me a mental picture of what I did with it...and He did. I carry a pill box in my purse with compartments...and I keep one empty for things like this.

I went right to sleep in peace knowing that my heavenly father had answered my prayer. When I awoke, I went right to my purse, took out the necklace and put it on. All day long as I fingered the necklace, I offered praise to God. I know that His word says he cares about the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, and yet, I still need to be reminded that He cares about the details of my life and what is important to me.

I don't have that many earthly treasures. I try not to put too much stock in them, and I'll have to deal with my feelings about this particular necklace at some point, but my smile today is from knowing that I have TWO FATHERS who love me and want the best for me.

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