Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What a relief...

Since returning from the states with all my homeschool stuff in tow, it's been on my list to get to planning. I sorted and made sure it was all there as well as made some mental notes regarding schedule and promoting last years's substitute teacher (the King!) to co-teacher this year. :)

My daughter is going to be a 4th grader which is where I spent the majority of my teaching experience. I'm excited about it! But, I haven't been able to get to the plans (because Dad threw a big change to our plans, which I'll write about soon) yet and it's been bothering me that school starts soon and I'm not yet prepared.

Also, the Prince returns to boarding school on the 14th and I haven't wanted to take time away from being with him. So, I've felt somewhat like a pressure cooker with regard to the self-imposed stress relating to a not-yet-fully-planned-and-organized school year that should begin just as he leaves. Did you get that?

So, my co-teacher reminded me that even though it's in my blood to teach in a certain way for a certain number of days, with a certain number of breaks along the way...we ARE homeschooling and living a far different life than when I was teaching at a school. It's okay to change some things up. I have to remind myself of that fairly often. As a public school teacher I had to always have a plan and a backup plan to be flexible with regard to any and all changes that might and WOULD come my way on any given day. Are you following me? Organization has always been the key for me to even pretend to be spontaneous. LOL.

When we were kids, school didn't start until after Labor Day and through the years it slowly moved forward. I always loved knowing exactly when the first day of school was AND that it was a short week because we started on Tuesday. So, I'm giving my daughter (and myself) a gift this year. We are starting AFTER Labor Day...AFTER the Prince returns to school...AFTER I've cried about it and have to move on...AFTER I've had a small chance to regroup...AFTER I've had time to plan and organize...AFTER I've had time to do a big chunk of "this big change to our plans" workload.


Whew! Someone turned off my pressure cooker.

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