Sunday, July 24, 2011

I never had a CHANCE!

When scrolling through my pictures to see what I should post next, I realized that 1/3 of my pics are of this little brown-eyed darling or had her in them. She completely captivated me. She was so friendly and amazingly excited to see us. I attribute that to my family, probably my mom mostly, telling her about us. When my mom had her, we would try to skype. She has seen pictures of the "Cousins" and knew we were coming to see her. Of course, we came to see them all, but if you were three...wouldn't you think you were the main attraction too? And by the amount of pictures I took of her...she was. However, all of my neices and nephews are my favorite. If I had to choose one...I couldn't. Each one is a treasure with a unique personality and charm. I enjoyed them all immensely. One thing I noticed about them was that they are well-rounded. They got along well. There was no jealousy amongst them. Just a genuine love for each other. Pretty amazing at their ages. Of course, I'm proud. You would be, too. Now that I've bragged on them, remember how much I love them ALL as you scroll through these pics of LILBIT. I don't have brown-eyed children. So I was helpless against those chocolate eyes! I almost felt sorry for my Baby brother...almost. If she weren't such a doll...I might have.

Snowcones all around! My sister-in-law would give her a tiny one. She amost always wanted something pink!

Everyone's toy!

Such a charmer...she charmed my friends. She didn't know them, but I did. I guess that was enough for her.

She was dictating what MKRH should write.

As I was tucking her in, I first tucked in "your pink Monkey doll, your Little sister doll, and you" But she said, "your Tinkerbell doll." Of course, MY Tinkerbell doll. And make no mistake...she IS A DOLL.

She LOVED my boy! Well, she loved all the cousins, especially the boys. They would carry her around when she wanted..the would play with her. I'm sure she felt safe with them. She bounced from one to the other. :)

One day when Gma was feeling poorly, the King and I took LilBit shopping with us. She saw this cart...and that was it. I was not about to tell her no. Especially when she gives me that smile!

Sacked out!

Too pooped to carry on...unless she's carried by an Uncle!

Freebirds burritos! Yum! She decided to save a little for later.

Cracking up! How did she make her eyes so big!

We entertained ourselves with my ipod touch....ALOT. :)

Cotton Candy!

She was happiest with the cousins or the Big BRO/SIS.

Entertaining ourselves...she was trying to mimic my face! I was LOL!

Notice the dimple high on her cheek. She has TWO!. Mercy.

She stole my heart!

Oh. My. Word. Ha-LARIOUS!

Always willing to pose!

Catching bubbles!

Pony rides!

Striking a pose!

Always willing to give a kiss!

She was entertaining herself and I was too slow with the camera, so Big Sis helped her re-enact the fun. :)

She would turn those chocolate eyes on me and ask to use my "i-pAHHHHd" How could I say no? Why would I? See? You understand.

At the mall, she wanted to jump...but we thought her too tiny. However the man in charge said he helped younger smaller kids to do it. So...we gave it a shot. She LOVED it!

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