Sunday, July 24, 2011


As kids, we ALL played baseball. I've always loved it. As a family, went to watch a game. It was great fun. We got tickets that included a free gift and all you can eat dinner. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, etc. Afterwards, there were fireworks.

Someone is always CRASHING A's just usually my son. :)

Love these peeps.

Mt SIL and her Dad.

My SIL, three neices, one nephew, my son, and other nephew with me peeking over the top. Even Jesus was there. :)

I was so excited to be there. I didn't even care if they won or lost. Before the game started, we all stood for the national anthem. I literally had chill bumps. That is something that I have wondered about...what will it be like to be in MY country and hear MY national anthem when I've lived in a FOREIGN one for so long? It was sweet to hear. After the game, they had a fireworks display which was awesome, but before they began, they played "God Bless the USA." I cried. My brother knew exactly how I felt.

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