Sunday, May 15, 2011


I think you probably are like I was when I lived in the states (unless you are just plain weird LOL)....I didn't LOVE laundry. It was necessary...a part of life...never-ending.

But laundry in a foreign culture takes on an entirely different meaning. We've adjusted. We wash the clothes and hang them to dry, iron them, etc. Nothing new there, but the pollution causes the laundry to never smell clean (hence the care package request for Febreeze...thanks MKRH)...or ever be soft. You get used to it. You never LIKE it, but you live. At least your clothes are clean and your not washing them with dirty river water as some people around you have to do. It's all about perspective, right?

Anyway, we have had to buy a new washing machine. No problem. I love my new one. It's in two languages so I actually KNOW what cycles to use...instead of guessing. Adjusted to it. When we first moved here...I wanted a dryer. The thing is they are RARE over here. When we finally found one it was so small that I couldn't imagine paying the high price in order to only dry a few pair of socks and underwear. So, I adjusted to life without one. Occasionally wishing for a soft, good-smelling towel when I get out of the shower, but in the grand scheme of's no big deal.

Well. A new family moved to town. They have LOTS of kids...meaning....LOTS of laundry...daily. On a visit to them, I saw what I thought was TWO washing machines (based on their size) on their balcony. Imagine my shock, when the mom said, "No. That's my dryer."

What? Where did you get that HONKING thing?

It turns out that there is a online store where you can get different things...sort of like e*bay. My friend said to me, "It's not the gospel, but it will change your life!" She was right!

I checked out her dryer...and I admit to COVETING it. I've repented. LOL. I wrote down the brand name and serial number...and went shopping. I found was kind of I needed to think. Is this a wise investment of our money? I talked with my husband, we decided that we'd save some money and then get it. Sort of a splurge.

When the purchasing time came...God blessed me big time!!...the dryer was on sale!!!! AND they would deliver it to my 6th floor door for a less than $10 USD delivery fee. WOOHOO!!!!

We don't dry everything. We still hang things up as you can see. But we have soft towels!
This post is full of the things, people, and ways that the Lord has blessed me all because I learned to do without something. I let go of the desire for it and practiced being content. Please don't think I am patting myself on the back. I'm patting God on the back and thanking Him that he cares about the details of my life...even soft towels.


Mom said...

I'm so thrilled for you! Counting down the days!!!!!!

PandaMom said...

I know you are beside yourself with GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! It really is the little things in life that are the HUGE things! ; )

Ashley said...

I love the sticker on the front of the dryer. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it!

First Subway, now a dryer ... man, the Lord loves you! ;)

Counting down the days until I'm tackled (your words).


Christine said...

oh, share that brand name and serial number! We went to buy one last month, but we asked to test a wet hand-towel in it for 30 minutes before we bought it. We came back after it had been in for 30 minutes and it was still wet, not even warm!