Monday, May 09, 2011

I love to laugh...

Strawberry picking. You have to look closely to see how much water and mud is all around. My friend took this picture and sent it to me.

The reddest, biggest strawberries were in an aisle of the deepest yuckiest mud. Everyone could see them, but no one wanted to brave the mud. There was so much slipping and sliding as it was that we were all afraid of traveling the long distance home covered in mud on our backsides and having to stand. After a while, I decided to take the risk. I "strategized" for a minute and then jumped in. I slipped and slid and hollered and laughed the whole way...but I got the reward. The best strawberries and no mud on my bottom. :)
When my friend sent me this picture, I noticed something. I'm smiling and laughing.

I remembered this day with fondness and then the Lord pricked my heart about something deeper. Sometimes things in life are just yucky. Muddy. Uncomfortable. No fun at all. But He is faithful. He is my sustainer. He is my reward. There have been many days since moving here when I have felt no reason to smile. No joy. Just muddy. But if I press into him and don't lean on my own knowledge there is always peace. Always security in Him. And sometimes there is a fat, juicy reward in the here and now.

I'm envious (in a good way?) of the people whose every word flowing out of their mouth is pure eloquence. I want to be able to reflect the love of the Lord and his goodness in season and out. I want to be a voice that people want to listen to, but more than that, I want to honor God in all things. Even in strawberry pickin'. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet friend, when I think of those eloquent people that I want to sound like, you are counted among them!! God is like a rock! Faithful to the very end and even beyond that!! Can't wait to see you and hug your neck.
Lots and lots of love-