Monday, May 23, 2011

2 weeks!

Two weeks from today we begin our journey. We have to travel to a large city in country and stay the night to catch our flight the next day.

I can hardly believe it. Really. My daughter asked me who I was going to hug first. I told her, "the first person I recognize! I hope it's a family member!" LOL.

I have a million and one things to do before we go, but I wanted to stop by and ask you to pray for my house helper. Her mother recently had a stroke and then she had some issues that sent her into a coma and she nearly died. She had a reaction to medication as well. She has been off of work for nearly a month and is stressed because of the finances of it. We are not the only place she works. The Lord has laid it on our hearts how to help her and her family, but they definitely need prayer. She and her son are believers, but her husband and daughter are not. Please lift them up. I will keep you posted on her situation. There is much more that could be said with regard to the level of health care in this country but suffice it to say, I NEVER WANT to have to use the healthcare system here...emergency or not.

Thanks for caring about the things we care about.

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