Wednesday, January 05, 2011

600th post...whew!

This is the 600th post of my entire blog and the first one in the new year 2011.


That's a lot of posts...and just think of all the times I wanted to or tried to and it didn't work. LOL.

Well, I know I should probably write about new beginnings and all that jazz, but personally I don't make resolutions...for various reasons. One thing I DO do is read a chapter in Proverbs a day because an influential man in my life challenged me (and several others) to do so a few years back and said starting in January is a great time since it has 31 days to match the 31 chapters. I don't always make it to the end of the year reading one a day, but I always start again in January if I've fallen off the wagon. LOL. Thanks BJ.

But, what is on our minds as of late is that we sent the Prince back to school, with a few hiccups, but safely.

And..the Princess turns 9(!) on the 10th, which is Monday and we are following that up with a slumber party on the 14th. YIKES.

But AFTER THAT big event we are taking a vacation at the end of the month. Going to WARM weather and spending almost a week with my parents that we haven't seen in more than 2 years. Too long. As of today...24 days and counting! The Prince, us and my parents will all meet in a major warm-weathered city before embarking to the BEACH.

WOOHOO! We are so excited we can hardly think straight! So...we've much to do in the meantime in order to take that vacation. I have some pictures to post, but keep having issues...the story of my life...issues. LOL.

So, be on the lookout...


Anonymous said...

O man I see that I missed you last night. Keep trying and i will too! No, the girls did not cooperate for that pic. I had to take the picture three times because they could not stop laughing. I was blessed to get this shot! And if Reagan had been in the pic I would not have gotten anything! haha


OK I guess mine is the ghettorized version. haha
I just have committed to posting at least one pic a day on my regular blog.

Terri said...

I know you guys are going to have a wonderful time!!!! Give your mom a hug for me!