Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Princess was busy making cards and things for people and decided to make a sweet poster for her brother to hang on his wall at school (at his request).

She took a little craft kit that makes swirly circles and an ink pen (I'm just now letting her use one for school) and a few stickers. She was finished with it before I could proofread it for her. She was so proud of the finished product.

I looked at it and smiled. I waited until the Prince came home to see if he caught it. He didn't.

It says, "Your the best big Bother!" LOL.

He's keeping it and hanging it up anyway, because let's be honest, sometimes he is a bother!


Mom said...

Absolutely love it! Remember "Andy is a frot."?? 30 years later it's still hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That is very sweet!! Yes, you do see some of your Christmas stuff in those pics. I yarped for you while I put those out. It is sweet to have pieces of you around the house. They make me remenece. I was thinking the other day about the days when we would meet at Walmart late at night to grocery shop and piddle around. Ahhhh, those were the ol' days! :) I would love to skype! Miss you friend-
ps I am taking Panda Mom's idea to do a picture a day for one year. We shall see how faithful I can be. I thought it was a great idea!! Thanks PM! :D