Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Christmas Eve pics...

The King was the photographer this year which explains why I am in the pictures. :) Well, that and he wanted to document his gift to me. :) Smart man. LOL.

The baton was passed. When the King was a child he always read the Christmas story aloud from Luke on Christmas Eve. When the Prince was old enough the baton was passed. The Prince has had the honor for many years. The Princess asked for the baton this year and it was handed off. She did a great job!

Trying on our new scarves...she has no idea how adorable she looks!

Listening to the his usual spot (notice his computer on the hearth (?) beside him.

A wide shot.

The King bought me a new watch for Christmas. I've had my other one since I graduated from college. A gift, from my brother, that I cherish.

The Prince needs a way to document his life at boarding school...and for you folks who visit him on his other "page" to see what's going on. Hopefully, he'll be good about what he posts. He was pretty excited to get it.

More pics later. I had quite a bit of trouble these last few days getting these pics up. Maybe it's the season...

Thanks for the blog makeover Pandamom. Love it!

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