Sunday, September 05, 2010

This just in...

Remember I told you we are a family of nicknames....?

Well, some of them our kids are not fond of....imagine that.

Anyway, the Princess just asked her daddy to (kindly) please stop calling her "Turkey-butt" and while she was at it "Sugar-pea." He quickly asked her if she minded being called "Sugar-butt" or "Turkey-pea?"

She being the master of rolling her eyes when she doesn't think you are funny...gave him the best eye-roll of all. He deserved it! LOL.

For the record, I asked her why she didn't want to be called those things anymore...and she gave me the look and said, "Mom, can you think of any reason why I'd WANT to be called Turkey Butt?!"

I laughed out loud. I completely understand. When I was little my Dad called me a name I hated, and when people (brothers) realized I hated it...they kept it up! I can feel her pain. That kid is a HOOT!

Just wanted to share...

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Anonymous said...

Love her! I can SO picture the eye-roll in my head. Good times. :)

~ AJF (couldn't resist signing the nickname...)