Sunday, September 05, 2010

Over the weekend...

I appreciate hearing your thoughts on my last post. Even my husband, who always reads the blog but doesn't usually comment, talked to me about it.

I thought I'd share a scenario that happened this weekend.

We were traveling to a city north of us to welcome a new family to the country. We've never met them, but they are coming to teach English at the school where we first fell in love with this country. The Dean of the school is our mutual friend. We were invited up to welcome them and be available to help them shop or whatever they needed. They are a sweet family with kids around our kids ages, a boy and a girl (...if only the Prince were still here).

The town they live in is considered a small town (of about 300,000 people...salute!) and is considerably smaller than our own city. there is a little different. Not so many foreigners, etc.

Now...a little background. Wherever we go, the Princess draws attention with her blond hair/blue eyes, and then usually me, with my fake blond hair, and then whoever happens to be in line next. The Prince because he's tall and very handsome or the good-looking bald white man! Anyway. We are pretty used to people looking at us and even staring at us...sometimes from 3 inches away! LOL.

So, in this small town where there are no foreigners to speak of, I found my husband being "checked out" by pretty Asian women. He was leading the way, then the Princess, and then me. The King was oblivious to it. One incident was when we were crossing the street and I was far enough behind that I could see these two young (20's?) women walking together and talking. (It so fun to see the moment that they see you and recognize that you don't belong.) I saw one girl look up and see him, then say something to the other, the other looked up and saw him...they both got big saucer eyes and gave him what I would call a "flirty smile" and then he passed them. Next the Princess...and then me. I think they were flirting...because of the looks on their faces when they FINALLY saw me. LOL.

After that, I paid closer attention and sure enough...he was being ogled. But the thing is...he never noticed. Now, don't think that I'm shocked by this...he is a handsome devil. I just haven't noticed him being watched more than the Princess. It got me to thinking...about him.

Not too long ago, I posted our engagement pictures as well as a few newer ones. We've been married 19 years and a lot has changed.

When you look at him, you might see a bald head where a beautiful head of blond hair used to be, and a little more weight on his frame, and wrinkles where there were none, but what I see is much more than that. I see the life we've lived; the joys and sorrows, the dreams, the failures, the triumphs, the lessons, but mostly the journey of a deeper walk not only with each other but with our God. And really...that he is alive to make this journey with me. (If you know any of our story, you know the cancer that the Lord healed him from.)

When we married, we really didn't understand how we could love someone more than we did at that moment, but we do now. I'm not sure it can truly be explained to someone who is "IN LOVE" (LOL) but as time goes by and trials come and you weather the storms together you come out stronger on the other side and with a deeper love that is more than "lovey-dovey"'s abiding. It's powerful. It's a life-force, especially when it's grounded in God.

All that to say, that night I snuggled up closer to my hubby after watching him through the eyes of other women (after I repented of the jealous thoughts I had...well, I think I actually thought, "back off girlie's or I'll have to snap you like twigs!"...just keepin' it real!) and was thankful. Aware. Content.

What about you? Who (or what) do you need to be reminded is a blessing? Soak it in and then return the blessing.


Anonymous said...

You are a blessing! I love to read your thoughts. As I read I can actually almost hear you saying it.
That cracks me up.
Did you read my blog titles "stinded day?" I think I remember the princess not wanting to stay at stinded day too.
Love flea

The Allens said...

I love this! It is so sweet to share our lives with the person God so perfectly placed us with!

On a side note, I don't think I was clear that on my post most of what was in my journal was taken directly from what I had read. It was exactly what I needed to read though.

Ashley said...

Love this post! Reading your description of a city that holds a large piece of my heart transported me back there. Oh how I miss it!