Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A funny or two for ya...

Some days I think I'm losing my mind...I feel like I have a million and one things to keep up with and I can never finish any one task without interruptions. Do you feel that way? Anyway, because of constant interruptions I am always trying to remember where I left off.

Example #1:

I was getting ready for school and The King was talking to me. I decided my hair is long enough to curl and gave it a shot. I had it divided into sections and held out of the way with clips, combs, etc..
The entire time the King is talking to me and commenting on how cute I look with my hair going in 50 directions. He's talking and I'm curling. He finished telling me what he needed to and walked out of the room. Within minutes he walked back in and I burst out laughing...why? because from the moment he left I was looking for my comb...the one I had just used...where could it be?...I just had it...then it dawned on me!'s in my HAIR! I promise. I'm losing my mind. I knew a lady who used to wear reading glasses on a chain around her neck and a pair in her hair and she was ALWAYS looking for them.

Example #2 (of my going crazy):

The first day of classes found me not having to go. My class was beginning on day 2. WooHoo. So, on day 2, I show up and greet my classmates from last semester and sit down ready to learn. 5 minutes into the class I was fighting frustration and tears. My teacher was talking 90 mph and I couldn't understand most of what she was saying. Because of my frustration, my mind would wander to..."how did I lose so much language over the summer?" to "how am I going to survive this semester?" to "I cannot do this!" to "I can do all things through Christ..." to "don't be defeated...when you are weak, He is strong..." And back again. Etc.

An hour and a half later, when class is over, the teacher approaches me and of course is speaking to me in her language.
Teacher: "Did you understand what I was saying today?"
Me: "Some. You speak very fast. I would hear you and in my head translate what you said, but by then you had moved on and I missed the next three things you said."
Teacher: "You need to preview the lessons."
Me: "How could I? I did not know where we were to begin?"
Teacher: "Why did you not come to class yesterday?"
Me: "Today is the first day."
Teacher: "No. Yesterday was."

Then my astute classmate chimed in: "This is the Listening class. What class are you signed up for?"
Me: (with great relief) "I'm in the Grammar class."
Teacher: "That class is next. We reverse the order on Thursdays. So, will you be in my class tomorrow?"
Me: (trying to hide my relief) "No. I won't.)

So after showing up to the wrong class and causing myself some serious grief, I stayed for the right class...which wasn't much better except that the teacher was lively and animated! I liked her immediately.

When my brain is actually screwed on straight, things go much better for me. LOL.

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