Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft night

Look in the background...see the giant bug-like thing sitting on top of the fish tank? That's a CD player. We are listening to Focus on the Family's "The Chronicles of Narnia" (great being in a theater...well...without the screen LOL) while we are making cards. The Princess loves crafts and needed some family time to adjust to three instead of four. I had originally intended to work on her homeschooling stuff (hence the stack of stuff on the corner), but we made cards and the Princess giggled over and over again as her daddy was being quite creative. I think she hasn't seen this side of him before. He's very creative, but usually I do the crafts with her...she had a good time and only commented once about the absence of the Prince.

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PandaMom said...

Super fun and you are being a GREAT mommy!!! ; )