Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About the Boarding School...

For months up to the time to leave I cried (grieved, really) randomly over the fact that the Lord has brought us to a place of surrendering our son much sooner than I had originally anticipated. He has never been ours. He's always been on loan. He belongs to the Lord. We've done our best to be good stewards of him. There were days we didn't think we'd keep from killing him before his next birthday...but we didn't and he's still alive...and thriving, so far.

When we left here for "that place" I was still struggling...not with the decision to allow him to go, just with the fact that he was going. I never imagined we'd be in these shoes. I never wanted it. Still don't. Somehow, there has been a consistent peace. It's the goodness of our Heavenly Father to give the peace that only he can...the one you can't explain...the one that, once again, proves his faithfulness.

When we took our first steps onto the campus...there it was...in all its glory..pouring over my soul like a balm. God's perfect peace. We had yet to meet his dorm parents, roommate, get his schedule, understand the workings of campus life, or know anything about his teachers or administrators...but the peace remained.

The first people we met were not the Prince's dorm parents, but another set, who super nice. Of course, they would be. What kind of person live their life with a bunch of teenagers willingly? LOL. Special people, that's for sure. When we met The Dorm Parents we knew they were special. The Dorm Mom immediately fell in love with the Prince because he's a rare teenage boy who is unafraid to converse with adults. He left with her to watch a basketball game. We had a separate conference with The Dorm Parents and heard their hearts...which are beautiful. He's in good hands.

We met his roommate and parents and equally loved them. They are in a similar situation with a kid sister at home. We'll try to hook up with them for the sisters to play.

So many great things happened in the course of setting up shop for the Prince. All confirmations. He is doing very well. We know someone who lives there and is on campus fairly often. He told us that two separate adults pointed out the Prince and asked if they were related (He was checking on him for us.) when it was answered "no" they continued to brag on what a fine young man he is. That's always good for a parent to hear, but we already knew that. :)

While we were staying together before the Prince moved into the dorm, he made such an effort to love on his sister and include her in things. By the way, she was TOTALLY bummed that they only start boarding kids in 9th grade...she loved it there and was ready to go! So she said, "how many years do I have to wait?" It's crazy.

I never would have wanted this, but I know the Lord has plans for me. Us. The Prince. And the Princess. It involves growing and changing and surrender. All of which can bring pain...for me at least. I am a creature of habit. I like things planned out. I would love for God to tell me things ahead of time...but he knows me better than to do that. He asks me to trust him with the deep things of my heart. And right now, that has to do with my children. But he has ALWAYS proven faithful. In every trial. Along the bumps of life. When I can't see him or feel him and even when I'm at my weakest in faith. He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He is in control and he knows my pain. He loves the Prince more than I can fathom and He will be faithful to him.

He is the Giver of Peace. He is the Author of Peace...that's why we can't explain it or define it or wrap our brains around it. But we can be thankful for it and walk in it and when the road makes us weary, we can simply sit and bask in it.

I'm there. Care to join me?
Thankful for the gift of Peace,


The Allens said...

God is amazing in the way that He gives us His perfect peace. We love you guys!

GMudda said...

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace
Coming down from the Father above.
Sweep over my spirit forever I pray
In fantomless billows of love.


Terri said...

Thanks so much for sharing those thoughts. I can see walking down that road someday with my special young man who is growing up way too quickly. We don't know "where" yet but as he gets older that posibility is very real. Thanks for showing me an example to look to if and when that becomes my path. love you!

Yours said...

Yes, I will join you. remember, it's YAMATE:)

PandaMom said...

Beautiful. You guys are doing the "hard" part of life and doing it with grace. I love you so much.

lil' sis said...

I find myself remembering mama sitting at the piano singing, "Peace in the Midst of the Storm"...and often times when my mind is taking me back to times of sadness, I hear those words echoing and it brings me comfort like only our Heavenly Father can bring. I can't even imagine how you are feeling; missing him, but being so proud at the same time. Because of yours and the King's guidance, preceded by prayer, the Prince is the young man he is today...that is definitely something to smile about. I love ya'll.