Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Date with My Prince

When the Prince was little (well before the Princess came along) we had a once a week date. Just the two of us. I've forgotten all the reasons why we began to do it, but I remember a couple...1)the King was visiting people in the hospital and visitors to our church and 2) Sonic had half price burgers between 5-7. LOL.

Since the Prince was still on an early bedtime, we went about 5:30. I always offered to go to another place, but he almost always chose Sonic. We would pull up and park, roll down our windows, order our food and sit sideways in our seats...and he would talk. Nonstop. About everything. And nothing at all. He had a lateral lisp that he has mostly outgrown. He had white blond hair and big cheeks (you thought I was going to say big blue eyes, well he had those, too). He had a charm and sense of humor that comes with being an imaginative and very bright young man.

He still has all those things except the cheeks and lisp. He's grown into his cheeks (he's pushing 5'10") and outgrown the lisp except when he's really tired...then there's a trace of it. Changes in our life have pushed our dates to whenever we can get them instead of weekly.

We needed to do some travel for his new visa since he will be attending a boarding school in the fall. So...we went...just the two of us. And what a time we've had.

I think the Lord new I needed to be with him without anyone else. Once we took care of the visa...we could play. We are in one of our favorite cities and we go home today. But we've had a fabulous time just being together...we've had Starbucks and gone to the movie. Twice! We watched Toy Story 3 together (his choice) and I cried AGAIN. I listened to him giggle and watched his face as he saw his own life somewhat mirrored on the screen. He's not off to college, yet, but it's a similar feeling. He LOVED the movie and says he understands how his Dad and I feel right now. He saw a pesky blond haired sister who couldn't wait to get his room but hugged him no less than ten times before he left, too (in the movie).

I think he might just understand some. We've had a great time and I'll be anxiously awaiting his return so we can resume our dates. Maybe he'll humor me and we can have them for life!

15 days and counting...


Mom said...

I am counting too. Wish I could be there before this big adventure, but this is time for you to treasure. Give him a huge hug from me and GPaw!

Imajule said...

From one mom to another - I'm praying especially for you this month!