Friday, July 23, 2010

Wishes along the Wire(less) Connection

I like to celebrate people. I like to know them. I ask alot of questions. I'm curious. I read biographies. I wonder what makes people make the choices they do...what makes them tick. I like to know their birthdays and their middle names and why they were named that instead of something else. What their hobbies are and why. It's weird to some folks but to those who know me, I don't think it comes across that way...maybe nosy...but I hope not....more like...interested.

So, every year, I buy a new calendar and write all the birthdays and special days in it I can remember...but the problem is...the older I get...the more people I know...the more I forget. So, together the King and I remember, or try to. We always pray for those people on their special days...whatever that may be, birthday, anniversary, sorrowful anniversaries, etc..

Last year I sent my greetings along the wireless connection, but I didn't get everyone. So this year I decided not to do it that way so feelings wouldn't be hurt...but the thing is...there is no convenient way to do it now.

Like this month, for instance. My father-in-law, twin brothers, Sis-in-law, niece, BFF's hubby, sis and bro-in-law, and many more....have special days. I just can't keep up from over here.

So. I just wanted to tell know who you are...that you've been prayed over. We've asked the Father to give you just what you need in order to press into Him sustain you in your struggles, and pour His blessings out in your work, to give the joy, contentment, and peace only found in Him. Be reminded that the God who spoke the universe(s) into existence knew you before the very foundation of the world had come into being. His plans will far exceed anything you can ever hope or imagine. Trust in Him. Rest in Him. Know that who you are is nothing, but for Him, and He treasures you.

Happy day to you. Rejoice for whose you are. Our love~

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