Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you know Murphy?

I don't know Murphy personally, but I'm well acquainted with Murphy's law.

After a really wonderful few days in one of our favorite cities with absolutely no issues relating to travel or visas...we set off for home.

In the beginning all was grand...minus a little rain. We had to get back into our home country before catching a direct flight home. However...while we were in transit...that flight was cancelled. The good news was that we were actually in our host country and could use our cell phones. The King, being the wonderful hubby that he is texted and called, almost as soon as our feet passed through customs. We made our way to the airport anyway...which was a dilemma in itself (finding the right bus). We arrived at the airport and took care of money issues. We decided to grab a bite to eat before trying to find the hotel that the King so thoughtfully booked for us while we were in transit.

We grabbed some KFC and headed out to get a taxi. The King texted the info to me and we were set...except that the line of taxis wouldn't take us. Not kidding. The uniformed person who helps with the queue (sp?) told us to take the red taxi. We got it. He drove us to the end of the aiport and told us we needed the green taxi. We got out and walked all the way back. I forgot to mention that the handle to our rolling suitcase broke while we were at the airport. So the Prince lugged it back to the green taxi who refused to take us.

We must have looked like easy prey. Another taxi driver walked up and said he take us for a sky high set fee. No way. We negotiated to get him to use the meter. Great. We walked all the way to the other end of the airport only to have him REnegotiate. No meter.

No way. Okay...confession is good for the soul. I snapped. I have no excuse. Ok...I have excuses like I've been on my feet and didn't eat lunch and was tired...etc. But still, no reason to go off on the taxi driver like I did. In English, no doubt. I'm sure he thought I was a lunatic...he as much as said so...which was the wrong thing...because the Prince heard him and he went off...which made me realize the crazy attitude I was displaying. Ug. So we got our "tudes" together and grabbed our stuff and walked back to the airport where the Lord showed mercy on us by finding us a taxi driver who was not allowed to go where we were wanting to go, but who was willing to help us. He pointed us in the right direction and we found a taxi...negotiated a decent price(having given up on the meter) and dropped into our seats.

I was trying to figure out what had happened when it dawned on me. The King said he had gotten us a nice hotel to stay in because he figured we deserved it after all the nonsense we dealt with today. Little did I know...

The taxi driver pointed to it before we pulled into a gated hotel. We're talking 5 star quality. So much so that we felt like peasants walking into it. No wonder the taxi drivers were trying to get double the amount out of us...they thought we were rich.

We aren't rich, but we are sitting in the lap of luxury for one night. We got here at 8:30PM and we're leaving at 5:00AM. That's long enough to soak in the huge tub!!! Mercy. I think the nonsense was worth it...and I was already truly repentant for my bad attitude. Now...I almost feel guilty.

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