Sunday, March 07, 2010


It took many years before I was comfortable singing with my husband in front of people. You see, his family is entirely musical. Not that mine doesn’t have its share of talent, but we didn’t study music and practice music to make it our life’s work. They did. Do.

So, even though I play a musical instrument and have been singing since I was knee high to a grasshopper…I was severely intimidated to sing with him. Them.

But…after singing in my husband’s choir for a few years, I began to be able to read him. At one point, I wanted to record myself singing for my dad and he helped me. While we were working on that particular project, we began to experiment together. He sang some harmony and we really liked the sound of it. So…it began. Slowly.

Until then, I had never lacked enough confidence to sing in front of people, but I did lack enough confidence to sing in front of him...very much. He’s THAT talented. He never meant to intimidate me; he didn't even understand the depths of his own talent. Anyway. Slowly and steadily we began singing together more and more. I learned from him and paid attention to him. I liked the way my voice sounded with his. (He makes me sound better and we blend together nicely. )

As the years went by we became more and more of a team and eventually even “marketed” ourselves as such. After many years of working together, well…I miss it. We led worship together for a long time as just the two of us. I could follow him as he followed the Lord. I knew by the kind of breath he took whether he was continuing on or winding down. I could usually guess where he would repeat to in the song.

Sync. In sync. Not the group, but the two—no-make that three of us. When people would comment on it, it was difficult to say thank you for something we really had nothing to do with. The Lord had planned it and was using it. We wanted to remain humble. I never wanted to be too comfortable in it, but now that it is gone from my life in that format, I realize that the Lord used it, not only in the lives of others, but in my own.

So, if I never said it enough, I want to now. ..

To God be the glory for the things He has done.


Sheila Hughes said...

HE will use that talent again for HIS glory...It's not over yet, sister! You do have a beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing it.

Got to go get ready to sing with your inlaws!!!!!! Love them VERY much!!!!

We're studying Beth Moore's Psalms of Ascent lessons in SS. Really makes you realize how important music is in worship, in public or in private....It's ALL for HIM!

Ashley said...

He certainly knew what He was doing.

Words can't describe how much that talent is missed.

So glad your card made it ... I was getting worried it wouldn't make it in time. ;)

PandaMom said...

I miss y'all singing, too. : (

lil' sis said...

I miss hearing the two of you singing together too. Not only do you sing beautifully together, you have individual beauty too. I remember admiring you while you were expressing your love for the Lord in song and sign language. It is such a beautiful thing to see not only your hands signing and your mouth singing the melody, but your facial expressions singing the song too. I can't tell you how amazing it is to watch you love the Lord the way you do. You are an awesome woman, sister, and friend. I'm so glad He picked you for our family. You "blend" perfectly! Ooh, that's a little scary isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love ya'll. Did you really think I could get through a comment without using the word, "ya'll"?..LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my words can not express how Dad used those voices together! It so impacted our lives that when I close my eyes and sing a song like..."Captivate Us", I can almost hear you guys singing it together. Singing is definitely your spiritual gift!! May He always use it for HIS glory. I miss you precious people so very much. Hugs to all!! I want to skype on your special day!!

Moonshine and Pattiricia said...

Sonshine, You have been so blessed with the voice of an angel!! You do so compliment each other for sure but you also can sing alone and everyone loves to hear you! We wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest Sonshine we have ever known and we think of you often! God bless you and know that you are much loved from Moonshine and Pattiricia & the Corsicana bunch!!

pkw said...

The King does indeed have a wonderful voice, but your voice is outstanding with or without his. You are blessed with so much talent, and I miss listening to you and seeing your face radiate your worship.