Thursday, January 21, 2010

A funny from the Prince...

A few weeks ago when we took that little trip with the grandparents, after we sent them home, we headed home. We had landed in our city.

SIDENEOTE: One of the things that is different over here is that at the airport you go to a gate and walk out to a bus in which you cram more people and suitcases than can possibly fit into it and then it drives you to your plane which could be 1/2 a mile or 1/2 a yard away. AND People here do not line up they cram up. Crazy. As if you don't have an ASSIGNED seat!

Anyway. That's beside the point. The point is when we landed we did the reverse. We came off the plane and crammed into a bus that drove us literally 2 feet and let us out. We tried to walk around the bus and they insisted we get on. The doors on the other side were no walking through. We had to wait until every single person on the plane had squeezed into the bus. It drove us 2 feet and the opposite side doors opened. What was that all about? We have no idea, but we laughed about it all the way through the security checkpoint. Crazy country. :) The funniest thing to us is that none of the national people thought it was strange. LOL.

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