Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been thinking, like most of the world, about Haiti alot lately. Of course, the devastation breaks my heart. I was trying to share with a national friend about the earthquake. She had not heard and I was seriously struggling with my language to give her the details...through my tears. The pictures are horrific. Finally, I just opened the computer and pulled up pictures and we just cried together. Tears and smiles....need no common language. They are one in their own right.

I have friends in the process of adopting twins from there and I've been waiting (anxiously, I must admit) to hear from anyone that they are OK...which they are. Praise the Lord.

But, as a family, we are still praying. We sponsor a child there and have yet to hear whether he is alive. The thing is...if he isn't, we have been given a blessing in knowing that we will see him again in heaven. He was pen pal to the Princess and one of the first things he ever wrote to us was that he "had Jesus in his heart. Do you?" From across the world, in an impoverished country, he was being a missionary with his 6 years old. We've been blessed to know him and we pray he is alive and well. Please pray for Maquel with us.

I've read the question alot lately....does God hate Haiti? And while I instantly say, of course not, I have to remind myself that people who don't KNOW God...cannot know his character. He sent his precious treasure...his one and only son to this world to bridge the gap that our sin had created. Jesus gave his life for us that we might be with him eternally. He paid our debt. So, does God hate Haiti? Absolutely not. What God hates is sin. It's PEOPLE he loves.

While the bad seems overwhelming right now...the good I see is in the relief. Right now, thousands of people are being mobilized to help. Many of those relief workers who show up will bring medicine and food and water...but mostly...they'll bring Jesus...not all of them, but many. So our family is praying for Haiti in a new way. That the people of Haiti will receive the message of love and life and that a NEW Haiti will be built up on the old. One where an awakening has taken place. We all know the history of Haiti and the terrible things that have taken place before. Let's ask God to begin a new thing.

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Mom said...

Well said, my angel. I stumble over words when I much need, so much sorrow. God's heart is big enough and His hand strong enough. It is so amazing to hear the Haitians singing praises to God on the newscasts. What a testimony to the world. "No matter what tomorrow brings, I will praise the Lord."