Thursday, August 22, 2013

First the 6th grade pics...

When we lived stateside, since I was teaching school, we always went out for breakfast somewhere like Cracker Barrel. The kids loved it. It was a great tradition. But...there are not many choices for breakfast out over here...and we prefer a western style breakfast. So I asked the oldest Princess what her choice for breakfast might be...she responded, "nothing beats your chocolate chip and banana pancakes." Awww. Gotta love her.
 And, of course, I always took pictures with their teacher and marked it special somehow. Since she is going on a bus...I improvised and she went with it. :)
 I DID send the camera, but had little hopes that she would remember to get the picture. Imagine my surprise when I found this lovely.
 And just because I forgot to take the picture of her first day of school it is on someone else...not my picture of course. And in the pic above, you should note that she is wearing a UT Texas medallion and a shark tooth from Zanzibar. She's her own person, this one is. :)
We are heading into Friday and it has been a great week for her. She literally LOVES it. Thanks for your prayers. Keep them coming. :)

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Bill & Joyce said...

you're still the most beautiful Angel Face I know. We're so glad you're loving your new school, teachers, and friends. Love you so much, GMudda & Pappaw