Saturday, October 20, 2012

The original Princess

She has been the one I have worried/wondered about in all this process of growing our family. How will it affect her? Will she let God use this to mold her? Will she love these babies unconditionally?
Well, let me tell you. The day before we received word to come get the twins, we were blessed with a baby shower. At one point in the shower I saw her sitting by herself in the corner, obviously sad. When I went to her to love on her, my thoughts were that she might be feeling neglected. She said with tears in her eyes, "You're not supposed to have a shower without babies! I can't wait for them to get here." Oh, how sweet. I later explained that most showers were before the baby came, but that's neither here nor there.
I knew that she would have a hard time waiting on us to get home with the girls. There would be little sleep and little schooling going on while we were gone, but a whole lot of bouncing around and squealing with impatience.  Her Grandmother did her best to channel that energy, but I know she must have been exhauted by week's end. :)
She made this sign and made the baby's faces out of pom poms.  Totally cute! She's there, too. The yellow, as well as Gmother with white hair.
 She has taken to these girls so well. I watch her. Notice her gentle touches and kisses. She wants to pick them up. They are really too heavy and squirmy for her to carry easily, but she still does try.
 They watch her. They follow her with their eyes. They notice what she does and how she does it. They wave at her and grin.
 They also get on her nerves. She's never been around babies before. When they cry at the same time, it overwhelms her and she wants to leave. She is totally grossed out by their food. LOL.
 She is fascinated by the process of changing a diaper and dressing a baby. She will dress them, but NOT change diapers. LOL.She comes running when I'm going to do their hair. She wants to watch. It is a fun thing to see.Especially when we are putting ponytails all over their heads.
 She is learning to be gentle. She has only had a big brother and his friends to play with for so long that gentleness is not her strongsuit. She is coming along well. She is drawn to them like a magnet, but she also needs breaks. Usually once every couple of days she says, "I need a break from babies." Not a problem. Have some down time...
 She likes to shop. So, we've taken a little Mom and Me time to go look at some of the local stores. She is blossoming into such a lovely young lady.
 I see God at work in her life and heart. She is much more selfless. Generous. More patient and loving.
She is thriving in the role of big sister. She's given herself a new nickname that goes with the term for big sister in the language we have been studying. She is my treasure. She is headstrong and there were times in her early years when I doubted we would both survive them. :) I am so blessed to be her mother and the twins are blessed to be her little sisters.

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