Saturday, August 11, 2012

This is my love.

I had not been awake long, but my "early bird" had. :)

You're the one who... knows my STORIES, gets my JOKES, WARMS my feet, takes my side,  ignores my quirks,  finishes my sentences,   soothes my worries.

You're the one who makes all my days better and even makes me a BETTER me.
Happy Anniversary. ***

Babe, when I think of the boys who wanted me to give my young heart to them, I am forever grateful to God for guarding it when I didn't, for guarding me.  I always knew there was someone, and as soon as I quit looking for you and decided God was enough for me and I'd wait...well, here you came.

We've walked this road together for 21 years. We've had ups and downs. We've stood on the covenant that we created that day. We've worked hard to have what we have, but ultimately it is God's goodness to us that has us where we are today.

I'm happier than I've ever been, even when things are not what I would choose for myself, even when things are sometimes harder than they've ever been. We are a team. In this day and age, to be married this long is unheard of, much less to be HAPPILY married this long. I'm thankful for the families who set the example for us and walk their own Faith journey.

I honestly love you more than I did on that day dressed all in white, as pure and naive as possible, when I gave you everything I had. How could we have known the mysteries of marriage without taking the plunge?

I love the man you are. Today. With a heart for God and a passion for his word and living it out in this life. Everyday.

"I love you" seems like not enough words, but when you have clean clothes to wear, something to eat, a place for your cold feet, an ear to hear you, remember they were done in love and all the while with a voice lifting you up to Father to be covered in grace and mercy and filled with wisdom as you lead this ragamuffin family of ours to follow Christ whatever the cost.

I'm so glad you're mine.

***(This is from a Hall*mark card I bought.)

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