Monday, June 11, 2012

Trolling or stalking or stealing...whatever. I call it sharing

Random pictures from my family members FB's. We've gone by numbers for years. After all when you have five kids and two are twins...people can get a bit confused. I remember my Dad's mom hollering for a kid...and she'd start with the oldest grandchild and call them in order of their birth until she got to the one she wanted! That took some time!
Dad, #2, #4, #5, #1, Mom last summer
This is the most recent family picture without spouses and kids. Taken last summer. #3 is always missed.  What a motley crew!
They always take the best self portraits!

#1, Mom, #2, #3's daughter, #2's son

#2 and mini-me

#1 and wife.

#1 and fam

#2, #4, #5 at camp....YEARS ago.
I see my son in my older brothers. When I look at them in their youth, wow, so much. I've always thought it not fair that I birthed these two kids who look so much like my husbands side of the family and mine,....well, not so much. But, as they grow older, I see it. The blend is nice. Something only God can do.

Anyway, as I was looking for something in particular on FB, I found these. I love my family and these made me smile. I need for my husband's family to get online so I can steal their pictures!

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PandaMom said...

I adore the first pic with the number roll call. Sweet!!