Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blast from the past!

My cuties! All of them!

These are the Princesses that informed me that it was okay to pick their noses! When they had sleepovers...they slept "Cheek to cheek and feet to feet!" I miss those days.

While we were preparing to go to E, I found an SD card that I didn't know what was on it. It wasn't with the others we have. Imagine my surprise to find these pics of us a few years five! The top pic is when the Prince was starting Junior High and the Princess was in Kindergarten. We always went out for breakfast on the first day of school. Since I was a teacher, it was one less thing for me to worry about on the first day of school. Teachers get nervous, too. :)

Picture #2 is the Princess and her fellow Princess digging in the dirt in our backyard. We were preparing to put an above-the-ground pool in, but they were content with their swimming suits and dirt! Go figure.

Picture #3. Hmmm. My BFF and I always take a picture together when we are together since that isn't too often. I think we were going to a Ladies thing at her church. I can't quite recall. I find it interesting though, how we're both wearing black and white, but she's wearing it with a little flair-pink! as is fitting to her personality!

Anyway, what's a blog for if not to share the things that make you smile? Well, there are tons of other reasons, but you're stuck with me and my quirkiness.

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PandaMom said...

These are so great!!! Especially the one with the beauties in their SHINY lipstick and gloss!!! ; )