Sunday, February 12, 2012

Potty warned.

I came out of the WC/Toilet/Bathroom/Restroom (insert your cultural word here) in a public place with a smile on my face. My husband saw the phone in my hand and with a look that said 'Do I really want to know?' asked, "Did you take a picture of something in there?" 
 Of course! I replied. Doesn't everyone take pictures in the WC/Toilet/Bathroom/Restroom etc? LOL. I've been intending to take this picture for some time, but is a little disconcerting to be sitting or in this case squatting in the toilet and hear the snap of a camera. I immediately get paranoid. I don't want people taking pictures of my nakedness...and I've been in public bathrooms without doors. So, it's amusing that I decided to take this picture. I laugh every time I squat to use this particular potty, because I'm PRETTY SURE I never saw one like it in America.
Hence, the laughter. Hits me funny every time. Standard, really? As far as I know....nothin' standard about this in America, except possibly in a few Asian dominated areas. Anyway.  The Princess and I spent the evening last night with a family of five kids so mom and dad could have a date (which I COMPLETELY believe parents should do!) and two of said kids are boys. My boy is nearly 17 and although I occasionally hear some potty humor form him, he mostly restricts it to his Dad and buddies. So. It's been a few years since I've been around little boys with the fascination of potty words. I laugh when I think of how many times last night I heard, "Can I have some more PEE-nuts?" followed by the darling-est grin I've ever seen and a giggle! Some things never change. Whoever coined the phrase, "Boys will be boys," must have reared a house full! Mom, was it you?

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