Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Our family journey...and adoption update

When the Prince was small (3 yrs. old) he began praying every night "God please give us a baby." He wasn't particular most of the time. Most of the time, it was just for a baby. He actually got mad at God because he had "prayed 250 times and He didn't give me a baby."

We talked a great deal about God's ways and his timing, but I was never sure how much my very precocious three year old understood. When he was six, after my husband's battle with cancer, after doctors said we would not be able to have children on our own...we found out we were expecting. We sat him down and talked to him about how he had prayed and prayed for a baby and how God was answering his prayer in God's own timing, not the Prince's.  He was beyond excited!

Well, during our family devotions at that time, he began to ask God to give us a "brown baby like Darrell." We knew he meant the skin color of an African-American boy we knew. At first, we let it go, but as he persistently prayed, we began to feel a need to explain some things. Without going into TOO much detail we explained that God uses the Mom and Dad to make the they usually look like the mom and dad...meaning the same color. As he pondered he said, "Oh. But God could do it if he wanted to," and proceeded to ask for a brown baby.

Well, we took him with us to the sonogram and found out that the Princess was on her way. As we walked out, he said, "Dad! We're having a girl!" His father replied with a smile, "I know, son." But before he could say anything more....the Prince said, "Now we just have to find out if she's black or white."

We have laughed over that for years. So cute. Well, we are in the process to adopt babies that we feel God has led us to. And guess what? They are "Brown like Darrell."

I looked across the dinner table at the Prince when it dawned on me that God was indeed answering his prayer for a brown baby...10 years later.

His ways are not our ways. His timing is not ours, either. Boy am I thankful for that. I never really believed God would give me a brown baby. Now He's giving me two! I'm completely humbled.

We have received a referral for two babies. We cannot give details as of yet because they are not technically ours until the judge says so and that could be months away. So, please wait with us and pray with us. Their situation is unique and yet not so. They are under-nourished, but loved. Please pray God's hand of protection on their little lives as they grow and while we wait to be united as a family. In our hearts...they are already ours.

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