Saturday, February 04, 2012

A glimpse into our future...

IKEA has various ethnic dolls and we bought two brown ones. They are unisex, but have belly buttons and knuckles and, a-hem, other parts, and are completely adorable! The Princess has already changed their clothes and begun calling them by name. She walks around the house with one with her almost constantly. 
 The one on the left is B and the right is wait, it's the other way around! Can you tattoo a baby? LOL. I'm only kidding. The dolls look exactly alike, but the real babies don't and I can tell them apart in an instant!

The King is anticipating Hugs and Kisses! Can you blame him?

When we are tired of the waiting and longing for the real thing...these will have to suffice.


PandaMom said...

Because I have a 1/2 black daughter I can say this...The King looks like a double stuffed Oreo in his little picture. ; )

Brad and Carrie said...

I'm about to up and invite myself over to see more pictures. One is not supposed to be this excited without getting to hug your neck and scream with you!