Saturday, September 03, 2011

More Girl Stuff!

My nieces were talking about wanting to try fake eyelashes and we found them on the Clearance rack, so we decided to do it together! :) After all isn't that the kind of thing that wins "The Favorite Aunt" award? Stuff like that! Plus, being with these girls is fun and time was SO SHORT.

I have never worn false eyelashes and wasn't sure about the procedure. I'm thinking that these were on clearance for their lack of directions...but we figured it out and had several laughs along the way. There were two kinds: Dramatic and Natural.

We started out with Dramatic...on one eye. :)

Can you tell which one? wink wink

Check these out!

We bought extras and the younger girls wanted to try them, too.

Honestly, they feel weird on your eyes.

Only one neice didn't need falsies...imagine that. Look at those eyes.

Here's the group. :)

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