Friday, September 02, 2011

Guest Blogger...

As part of our home school this next year, I am having the Princess be a guest blogger. She will write, hopefully once a week, about various aspects of homeschool and various subjects. One thing we didn't do well last year was we're working to improve. So when you see the initials "HRH" you know she has been here.She likes to put funny things at the end. Show her your support and comment. Thanks.

Here she goes:

I am excited that school is starting because I have fun subjects. I have Abeka, Horizons and Switched on Schoolhouse(SOS). SOS is my favorite of them all. SOS is also my favorite because I have to do science experiments that are really fun and I learn alot of stuff! It is also done all on the computer. I used to think that I hated home school because I had no friends, I don't love it either, I just have friends now so therefore I like it.




Donna B said...

Good posting Princess. Not being familiar with Homeschooling programs, please explain what you do in Abeka, Horizons and Switched on Schoolhouse. You explained a little about the latter, but please tell us more.

PandaMom said...

Will HRH.....I am so proud of your blogging!! I can't wait to see what all you are going to share with us!! ; )

Beanie said...

Your blogs may give me some GREAT IDEAS for my students. Looking forward to your next blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your guest blogger:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Princess,
So glad you are going to be blogging. We use Abeka at my school too. Can't wait to hear about what you are learning. I see you got a hamster. I liked the video, it made me laugh. I just got a frog. I named him little bit because it is going to stay little forever. Or until he goes to froggie heaven. :)
Well, can't wait to read more about your learning adventures.
Love you- maddog