Friday, September 02, 2011

Cheap Entertainment...

Having not grown up with rodents PURPOSEFULLY in my house, this experience with small tail-less ones is quite interesting. I'm definitely a "pet person." I just am not familiar with these kinds of pets. We "adopted" a new one from a friend who felt like hers was being neglected because she was too busy. Her name is Snickers because of the various colors she has and the Princess calls her "Nicky." She still considered a teenager in Hamster years (?) and is quite entertaining. The other one was peach colored when she was little hence the name Peaches, but she has shed her Peach fur and is now only white.

The Princess entertains herself well with these critters. This whiffle ball broke in two and she turned the hamsters into turtles. LOL. I could hear her laughing all the way out on the balcony!

She's considered elderly and she's not even one yaer old.

Nicky decided it was too hot to hang out she crawled up on top of her wheel and just hung out.

Look at that foot! HILARIOUS. When I reached out to tickle it...she jerked it in and changed positions.

Cheap entertainment. She fell off the top of the wheel the other night and squeaked! Then jumped up and acted like she meant to do that. LOL. Who knew rodents could be so entertaining?

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