Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My boy...

When the Prince was young he said he was going to "grow up and baptize people and they'll call me 'Prince' the Baptist." I always thought that was the sweetest thing, but that's not how he's known at school. It's an entirely sweet name.

'Prince' the Hugger.

Say it with me..."AAAwwwww." It fits. The King's mother teases him about his wingspan. When he opens his arms and comes at can't help but want to be hugged. She misses do I, now.

I met many new parents when I took him to school and several, like us, that this was their child's second year. Everywhere we went on campus, people saw him and yelled, "Prince! Glad you're back!" It was a sweet thing to watch.

But at dinner one night I was talking to another mother (the Prince was not sitting with me) and she asked me, "Who is your son?" When I told her his name...she lit up and said, "I know him! He's the Hugger!"

When I was leaving, I was conscious of the fact that his dormmates were all around and that he's a Junior on campus and you never know what might embarrass your kid. So, I whispered in his ear, "Can I have a hug?" and he stepped back and laughed, then to his dorm mom said, "My mom just asked me the stupidest question! She asked if she could have a hug!"

He looked at me and said , "Mom, I'll never outgrow hugging you and I'll never be embarrassed to do it." Melts my heart thinking about it now.


Brad and Carrie said...

So sweet! I love that he's not afraid to hug.

PandaMom said...

AwWWWWWW!!!! That melts me toooo!!!!!! When we saw y'all in June THAT's blew me away and had me crying when he met me on the porch with a huge bear hug!!

Stephanie said...

That is so sweet. I pray that when my boys are his age they will feel the same way.