Friday, June 24, 2011

Home, safe and sound

We made the trip to and from the states in a whirlwind! Great times!

So much to say and pics to share, but right now I MUST get my life in order and suitcases put away. I'll be back soon.

Thanks to Pandamom who met us and took family pictures. Great pictures if I say so myself.

Just thought you'd like to know that as I right this I am so thankful to have my son home for the summer. The soundtrack to this post is the King and the Prince both playing the guitar and singing almost at the top of their lungs, "Let my life song sing to you!" Priceless memories. Wish you could hear it.

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Mom said...

Still can't get your blogs to post? We love you! Had a HOT 4th of July-two fires in the neighborhood from fireworks. Had to stay up till 3am trying to calm Bella down. Silly neighbors-no consideration for all these animals they are terrorizing. Should only last one or two days more........zzzzzzzzzz. Ooops fell asleep! Love you!!