Saturday, April 02, 2011

Before you hear it somewhere else...

We're coming home in June for two weeks.

So much still up in the air...but we are BEYOND excited!

I haven't seen my African family in about 5 years. So...that's the main reason to come, since they are there right now. We hope to see as many friends and family as we can, but please know that we are there first to see them and that you will mostly have to come to us once we land on American soil. We are car-less. Anyway, having said that, we do want to see you and hope you'll be understanding if we can't make it work!

More details to come.


Mom said...

Okay, I accept responsibility. In all fairness, you didn't tell me not to tell anyone. Is Facebook anyone? Anyway, we are excited, excited to see you. Your brothers are pumped and the Africa branch are counting down the days!

Anonymous said...

So excited for yall ... and for me! :)


Terri said...

So excited for you but so sad for us! We MIGHT leave for Kenya on the 8th and not return till early July. I am bummed out totally! But excited all the same. If the doors open, we must walk through. Working on funds for that trip as I type this. If HE provides, we will go. Much to pray about.