Monday, April 11, 2011

16 years ago...

...a large group a people was gathered in waiting room of a small hospital awaiting the birth of the Prince. There were Sunday School teachers, neighbors, friends, Pastors, family members, but all were family to us. All were excited to greet the newcomer.

Prayers were lifted for a safe delivery and for a quick recovery for Queen. Queen, was in a large birthing room with room enough for all the grandparents to wait close at hand. When the time came, though, all were gone except for the Queen's mom. The Queen's mom having birthed five children had never had the honor of actually seeing a child born until the Prince came. Tears of joy came from her eyes.

The Prince was born healthy at 4:03 PM with blonde hair and rosy red lips. His voice was a strong tenor like his father and his father before him. No doubt he belonged in this family.

The Prince was loved and adored by all. He was a loving and fun child full of energy and questions. He was incredibly smart and always learning. He grew in stature and favor with God and man. He loved the Lord. He knew the Bible verses by heart. He asked his father to help him accept Christ as his savior when he was five years old. At six, he told his mother he would baptize people when he grew up. At seven, he was witnessing to his his classmates. Everyone loved the Prince. So much so, that grown men would come to his birthday parties because he personally invited them. Even slumber parties. He asked God to give his family a baby, which God did after doctors said it wouldn't happen. He is an awesome big brother.

As the Prince grew, he developed a love for people and the Word of God. He had an uncanny ability to memorize it, therefore it became written on his heart. He helped his family know that they should move to another country to study language and culture because he spent time with his heavenly Father asking for wisdom. In that context he became a big brother to many young girls who needed one.

The time came for the Prince to leave home to further his studies. It almost broke the King and Queen (and Princess)'s hearts. But it was the right decision. The Prince began to mature and grow into a Godly young man as they watched. He is a servant whom people love. He is GREATLY missed at home in the palace. But the world needs a Prince like him. One who serves the Most High God wholeheartedly.

Today the Prince turns 16, a milestone in the life of many his age. His parents and family want him to know that he is a joy to their heart. He has always been. They are unashamedly proud of him and who he is. They are cheering him on in all he does for they are his BIGGEST fans. They love him UNCONDITIONALLY. When he makes mistakes, which he undoubtedly will do, they are the place to fall...for they will always catch him. They are praying for him today and every day.

You are loved, young Prince.
*gives Prince a hug*
Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

CHIWANGA!! The title of this post should have been "get a tissue before you read on!!" :D
I have sent you some pics and an email but I'm not sure if you are getting them. Hugs to all!!
Happy Happy Birthday Price!
Lots of love-

Terri said...

I wished him and his dad a HB on FB today. Hope they have great ones!!! Love you all bunches!

The Prince(yes, the real one) said...


I love you guys so much! Princess, you better be awake this Saturday when I get there! I want hugs to make up for the time spent apart.

GMudda said...

Sweet Prince, I've tried to comment twice, but apparently I've not done something right. I'll try again. Hope you had a great
16th BD. We are so proud of you in your growth, both sp*r*tual*y and physically. We love and adore you. GMudda & Pappaw

PandaMom said...

I wished him happy birthday on FB. Can't even believe I've known him since he was TWO!!!!! What a blessing of a son! ; )