Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Princess pics


Missing her brother...she saved up LOTS of love for him...and tons of kisses. He was ever so patient with her. I can't thin of one argument they had the entire week. Amazing.
This ATM machine had a video playing on it. Every time we walked by my kids stopped and watched it. Crazy. Shows what kind of world we live in, huh?
My water baby. She looks so young in this pic! Check out the ears. LOL.
Learning pool on a Snooker table with a long cue stick. Funny. We have her a different set of rules to play by. She loved it and kept asking Grandpa to take her to play.
Mom and me after our massages. Relaxed.
Waiting her turn for a massage. Know any 9 year olds who get massages. Can you say SPOILED?
I think we each took our time to stand on the rocks and listen to the waves and just enjoy.
We've been here before and stayed in the exact same room. She knows her and way she's off!
THAT's a tourist...but the cutest one I've ever seen. She's wearing her dad's hat, using my purse, and carrying a bag of fish food...wait til you see all the fish!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Snagging the picture of you two together. Beautiful!!

PandaMom said...

I notice a certain well-loved giraffe sticking out of that adorable purse!! ; ) These are all so cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pics of you and your life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out the fact that I have that exact same purse. Fun memories!