Monday, January 10, 2011

My Angel Face is 9!

My girl has been so excited about turning 9. She couldn't sleep last night for excitement.

She asked me, "Don't you know what it's like to be so excited about your birthday that you can't sleep?"

I replied, "I don't get excited about birthdays."

"Mom, I know, but when you were a kid you were never excited?" she asked incredulously.

"I'm teasing. Of course, I know what's it's like. But if you don't go to sleep...I'm going to wake you up on your birthday when YOU woke me up on your birthday."

My water broke at 4:45AM and she was born at 6:53AM. She said she didn't mind but when all was said and done...she did.

But her Daddy has been out of town this weekend, but he came home this morning. He brought her breakfast in bed and she LOVED it. Then she opened her email (and mine) to find birthday greetings. If she can make it to the slumber party on Friday she'll be set!

Happy Birthday, darling daughter. You are the child I asked for (and so did your brother). The daughter I wanted. The blessing I don't deserve. I'm glad you are you.

I love watching you grow although it makes me sad sometimes to think how fast that actually is. You are blossoming into a young lady more every day. You are so clever, like your father. You have a laugh that makes my heart smile (even though only your brother can get you to laugh so hard you can't breathe!). Sometimes I laugh so hard at the things you say with such a straight face. Your Uncle A would have LOVED you. You are so many wonderful things and I wait with anticipation to see the woman you'll become. Your absent family misses you, even more than they can say.

Your brother, your dad and I love you and are so glad you are a part of our family. You are a treasure. Happy day to you, Love.


Terri said...

Happy Birthday, Little Ladybug! I will always, always think of you that way. I wonder if you still have the ladybug I got you. I got my 9 year old the butterfly one like it. I am sad you two haven't gotten to grow up together but cherish the memories of the days you had together. You both are growing up way too fast. Love ya bunches! all of you!

PandaMom said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see party pics!

Anonymous said...

Tell Sweet Pea to go look at my post from yesterday. I wanna make sure she sees it.

GMudda said...

Happy Belated Birthday, MY SWEET ANGEL FACE! The first time I called you that was the day of your birth and you are still my sweet Angel Face. I hope you had a great birthday - the bit 9!!! I love you bunches, GMudda, and oh yeah, of course, Pappaw