Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Carol of the Day

Like a drama unfolds
the curtain was opened
while an audience of angels was holdings its breath
A census, a manger, two travel worn strangers...
...the stage was finally set.

Angels folded their wings at the throne worshipping
As God whispered, I love you, My son."
Jesus took off his crown and laying it down
Said, "Father, Thy will be done."

The time had now come for God's only son
to be born as a light in a dark, lonely place
So he stepped from heaven's hall to Bethlehem's stall
where a star lit his newborn face.

Then God called to Gabriel with gladness and tears,
"Play the trumpets, the horns and the strings!
Tell the shepherds and wise men and all who will hear.
Command ALL of the angels to sing.
Fill the sky with their voices and SING!"

Joy! Joy to the world, praise to the king!
Oh, let it ring!
Joy! Joy to the world, worship and sing!
Jesus has come to bring Joy!

David Phelps has an amazing voice and I think this is my favorite Christmas song this year. I just stop and think about the Father telling the angels to fill the sky with their voices and tears roll down my face. I can also see my dear red-headed friend sign this song with all of her heart and it makes me smile.

You should find the song and hear him sing it. Wow. Paints a beautiful picture. I think the CD is called Joy!...imagine that.


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