Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Carol of the Day

I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do.
And although I know it's a long way back, I promise you....

I'll be home for Christmas.
You can count on me.
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree.

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams.

This time of year finds me listening to Christmas music constantly. This song makes me stop what I'm doing each time just to listen and think. I can't go back to my childhood home because no one in my family lives there, but that is not really home to me anymore.

"Heart is where the heart is." And my heart is with you. :)

I'm wishing you the sweetest times with your loved ones this holiday, remembering the most remarkable story ever told.



Anonymous said...

TEARS!! Friend we miss you more than you will ever know!! I am excited that part of your home is coming to you!! I know everyone is looking forward to that. Hug everyone's neck from the Stout clan.

PandaMom said...

I so wish you WERE home for Christmas. Soon and very soon, hopefully!!!!! Miss you tons.

Mom said...

Our hearts are always with you. We love you and miss you more each day. Maybe next year we can all celebrate Christmas together again! Looks like Roger will not be leaving until after you come home again!