Thursday, November 25, 2010

In one word...


I spent all day yesterday cooking and baking. The weather was sunshine-y and beautiful instead of the dreary overcast it has been lately. I anticipated the Prince's homecoming with a smile and baked his favorite chocolate cake. I thought of my mother almost constantly and how for all of my life she has been the one preparing the meals almost completely alone for our large family. I was lonely for her, but thankful for her. By the time she was my age, her mother had already passed on. I'm thankful I have her and the rest of my family even if they are not here this holiday with me in body...they are in spirit.

Right now, it's Thanksgiving morning. Everyone in the house is still asleep. The Prince arrived home safely with hugs and smiles to melt a momma's heart and giggles and tickles to make a Princess leap for joy. He stayed up late talking with his dad just because he could (no curfew). The house smells of the pumpkin pie that's in the oven. In a few hours there will be 20+ people to fill it with fellowship and lots of the noise of thanksgiving. We've invited many Asian friends to share with us in the bounty. (We received and entire Thanksgiving meal by care package. Unbelievable!) I cannot WAIT to eat that pumpkin pie. :) But for right now, it's peacefully quiet. I know I'll probably not be back on the blog for a few days, but I wanted to wish you well.

Our lives no longer have the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and although at times I miss it, I have learned to be content.

Being thankful for you,
My cup runneth over. How about yours?

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Anonymous said...

Friend I am so glad your little man made it home safe and sound. Wish we were with you guys. Love you all!