Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Reunion!

When we finally got checked in and unloaded all of our bags...the Big Brother tackled the Little Sister and all we heard for about 3 solid minutes was belly laughing from her!

Notice the baby bed...we asked for an additional bed/cot to be put in the room and this is what we got. Both kids couldn't resist trying it out.

We were told that we booked the absolute LAST room this hotel had. This happened to be a big holiday-type weekend and everything everywhere was full...so we are/were extremely grateful to get it. We've been down this road before so we carried an air mattress with us...just in case.

The Prince was glad! We have an air pump but it doesn't get the last little bit of air in...so we allowed (lol) the Prince to put his hot air to good use.
More to come...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Thanks for posting pics.
Love and hugs to all-