Friday, September 17, 2010

More reunion pics...

When we set out to meet the Prince, there was a tropical storm just off the coast of where we were staying. We were slightly alarmed that the Prince would fly "around" it to land or that his flight would be canceled or some such...but everything fell into place. We also anticipated spending the entire weekend indoors if it was to rain as much as we did not rain...not even once. As a matter of fact, we had cloudy skies enough to cool down the weather and then the sun broke through. The King took the kids down ahead of me and I stayed in the room for a short while...I watched from our 9th floor balcony and took a few pics of the kids using their TKD in the water. Not another soul was there. Peaceful.

The King is taking another online class and has much required reading, so he decided in favor of Vitamin D and a little reading time. The kids had a great time.

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