Saturday, August 21, 2010

What once was lost is now is found...

Yesterday I LAUGHED OUT LOUD...for a while...and giggled the rest of the day when I thought about what I'd discovered.

Here's the scoop:

Since the Prince is mostly out of our house, and his bedroom has also been the office, we decided to rearrange some things until he comes home again. So...I started at the top bookshelf and began cleaning, sorting, and chunking some things. On the highest shelf was my Bible cover/carrier/protector/thingy. When we moved over it was too heavy so I just took my Bible out of it and packed it. Since we've been here, I haven't carried that particular Bible anywhere. It's big and bulky, and I usually carry my pocket size.

I took it down off of the shelf it has been on for nearly 20 months and opened it to find treasures! Real treasures.

Some background:
Recently, I was looking for a handwritten recipe for Bread and Butter pickles from The King's Grandmother. She's in her 80's and it is a treasure to me to have it in her handwriting, but I was anxiously looking for it, ready to try it out. I never found it. What could I have done with it?

Also, when we first came and I unpacked...I lamented the loss of a brand new set of salt and pepper shakers that I KNEW I had packed, but never found. What could have happened to them? Surely someone in security didn't take JUST a set of S/P shakers... Really, it was crazy.

Well, yesterday when I took down the Bible cover...sticking out of a pocket on top was the treasured recipe! Talk about putting a smile on my face. I was thrilled. OF COURSE this is where I would put it while last minute packing...

I put it away and unzipped the pocket to find more of my BFF's and one of my father and me while dancing together on a cruise. More treasures.

Last but not least, there were heavy things wrapped in paper towels. What? Immediately I LOL'd! I knew it was my shaker set. Who would have thought?

If I'd searched my things like the lady in the Bible who lost one coin...I would have found them, but as it was, I was overjoyed to find these treasures right in the safety of the protector of my greatest treasure, My Heavenly Father's Word to me.

Such a sweet surprise.

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