Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad timing...

The Prince was just a little tyke when the first Toy Story came out, so his childhood years have been peppered with these movies. As a matter of fact he wore a Buzz Lightyear costume that was handed down to him from the time it was three inches too LONG for him til it was three inches too SHORT. I had to PRY it off of him to wash it. I have pictures of him wearing while doing everything imaginable, including helping his Dad wash the cars. He would run through the house shouting, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" even before he could pronounce it all.

We've watched both Toy Story movies countless times and we all can (and do) quote it at totally random times. It's a favorite of mine to put in as background noise when I'm scrapbooking.

So, we have been anxiously awaiting this movie. On the trip the hubby and I took (that I've yet to blog about) we were in a city that has a very nice movie theater. Toy Story 3 and The Karate Kid were both showing and I wanted to see them both, but needed to make a choice. I chose the lighthearted humor of Toy Story 3.

Bad choice...this one has a subtitle that I didn't know about (because it's written in a foreign language and I didn't take the time to try and read it)..."Andy goes to college!"

Bad timing. Although we were in a theater full of asian people, everyone was laughing. When we laughed, at times, we wondered if they truly understood the American humor because we were the only ones laughing. Mostly, I think they got it.

I was enjoying myself and grateful that I'd chosen that movie until...Andy's mom walks into his room...

...for those of you who haven't seen it, I won't spoil it, but for those of you who have...I'm sure you know the EXACT part I'm talking about. From that moment on I was trying to not let my husband know that the tears were leaking out of my eyes...only to find he was struggling, too. I cried off and on to the end of the movie.

I loved the movie as I knew I would, but my Prince has yet to see it. I think he'll understand alot more about where his parents are coming from when he does. Time goes by all too fast when you're growin'up younguns'.
If I were in the states, I'd post a picture of him in that it is you'll have to use your imagination...I think you can. ;)


GloryandGrace said...

Okay, I was a complete mess towards the end of that movie, so I can only imagine how weepy you were!! It was so precious, and perfectly wrapped up what was one of the best animated stories ever :)

Thinking of you all as you prepare for the transition...all our love~

Ashley said...

When I saw the title of this post and the first image came up, I knew where this post was going. Every person I know who has seen the movie has cried. You're not alone.

Love you!